Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Been AWOL for a while and this time it wasn't Bloggers fault!
I am well and truly into the Xmas production line! (that does not mean i will be putting decs up just yet though!!)- in my wisdon i decided to make at least 1 present each for Ewan + Evie. For Ewan i found a great book called 'Munch' by Emma McCann, which is a great book if any of you happen to know any 2-5 year olds, so now i'm busy making a story sack to go with it, including making my own munch! (pics will follow when he is sewn together). Now i just need to decide what to make Evie - and find the time to do it!!!
I'll finish with a recent pic of Ewwy, as i havent uploaded one for a while!

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TopCat76 said...

so - can you share what you've been making for christmas sis?? Love that pic of ewwy too.. x