Sunday, January 28, 2007


I normally work well with a deadline looming over me - but this was cutting it just a bit too close. Thanks to feeling so ill last week, i hadnt started on my cj as early as i would have liked, and had NO idea what i wanted to do with it. This is actually the 2nd version of the cover, the 1st was so awful that i couldnt possibly send it out to all the talented ladies at Scrapitude who will be filling it for me.

I've laminated it so not only should it be relatively safe from the multiple bashings it is sure to receive from Royal Mail, it will keep it safe from splashes in the kitchen (well the cover at least!)

And on the subject of cooking - please keep everything crossed for me - this could soon be the face of Bean + cheesy Bubble and Squeak!!!
I had a rather exciting email from Heinz - not only would they like to use my baby food recipe (that i sent in 2 years ago and forgot all about!!!) BUT - they want to put my face on the jar!!!!! Now i'm not sure i'd like to buy baby food with my ugly mug plastered all over it but i wish they had warned me - i'd have come up with a far more exotic recipe than bubble + squeak to put my face to had i known.

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