Sunday, February 04, 2007

I can't believe how gorgeous the weather was this weekend. We (my mum and sister) took full advantage of it and took the kids to Maldon. The fact they have a wonderful fabric store there was just a lucky coincidence!!
We took a walk by the water and let Ewwy and Evie blow off a few cobwebs in the park and rounded it all off with some yummy chips and a hot chocolate.
I was actually very restrained in the fabric shop and didnt part with any money - i did however, have to take Evie to the shoe shop next door as her shoes were pinching, and i discovered that she is now a size 7. She obviously takes after me, and will never be petite!

On top of all that, i finally finished the dolly i have been working on for far too long now - well, left sitting on a shelf while i tried to decide how to do the face and eyes rather than actually working on.....
Now she just needs some clothes - i'll try and post pics tomorrow, if i get some decent light to take a picture of her.

oops - eta - pics were taken by my mum (with her fuji 9600 - the lucky bean!)

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TopCat76 said...

love the pics - that one of ewwy is very model-like!!