Saturday, May 12, 2007


I actually won!!!!
Had the BEST letter this morning; Heinz sent me a letter confirming i had won their 'Mums Own' baby food competition - my Bubble + Squeak is being made into baby food!! and will be on sale from July, just in time for my friend Anna, who had a little boy in April - how cool!
They even sent me an example of the label (which they used the worst picture of me on- ho hum) see;

I cant begin to imagine how much it will freak me out to see my own face on the shelf next time i pop to the supermarket!!!!


Helsbells said...

That is some Toot!!!!

Wow wow wow!!!

I am so pleased for you. Will look out for it in the shops and think 'I know her!'


TopCat76 said...

well done Sis!!! wonder how it will taste?!