Friday, August 18, 2006

Advice to me

A great thread has been started on UKS to encourage us to blog more - todays prompt is 'If you could go back to about the age of 14, when you're just entering your teenage years, what 3-5 pieces of advice would you give yourself? (Remember, this could/would have changed your life )'

My 1st peice would have to ~ Listen to the advice people give you ~ I was a gobby little so + so as a teenager and really thought i knew everything (not much has changed!) but i know realise that even though not all the advice i was given was good it was all given with good intentions and i rarely listened to any of it.

2nd piece of advice would be ~ Being in the in crowd at school is not important ~ I went to an all girls school which was very bitchy and heaven help you if you didnt have the right clothes. I was never one to follow fashions, so my 'strange hippy' clothes and 'wierd' taste in music set me apart and i never made it in to the 'in' crowd. I did however make some good friends who didnt care what i wore or listened to and some are still with me now. The 'in' crowd however are nowhere to be seen (and i happen to know some got very fat - ha!)

3rd piece would be ~ Do at least some of your coursework!!! ~ Again, stemming from the fact i was sooo cocky, i thought i could coast through my exams, as it was i was lucky and managed to get pretty respectable grades but i am still pissed at myself as i know i could have got better if i had done a bit more work.


Jenga said...

LOL - advice number 2 could be me speaking to myself! Girls school - in crowd - goth clothes - soooo "not cool". I hope some of that lot are fat too! Miaow!!!

Heather said...

Some great advice there if only we could have heard ourselves back then LOL! Hate the 'in' crowd thing at school and these day's its happening at Junior level! Sad eh?

Suzie said...

Great advice, but I kept getting distracted by the chocolate cakes and the beautiful photograpsh in your slide! Will visit your blog again!