Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scrappy Day

Managed to convince David to look after Ewwy today so i only had Evie to get in the way of a whole days scrapping with Mum and Tracey. Once we solved the problem of stopping her escaping up the stairs, i did actually get some scrapping done - not much but some! Did have fun playing with shrink plastic though - and ate lots of cake!! So all in all a good day, came home to find David and Ewwy in a good mood (doesn't happen often - especially when they've been left alone together!), so it was a good end to the day.
The world is conspiring against me getting a haircut though - at least, the local hairdressers are - could not get booked in one, and all the others seem to be closed so i can't phone for an appointment! My hair is driving me mad at the moment, and if i cant get professional help soon i will take the scissors to it myself!!

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