Monday, August 28, 2006

Essence of me....part 2

I've thought long and hard - believe me! So far i have come up with
1. Birth certificates for Ewan + Evie ~ to show i am a mother
2. My wedding ring ~ to show i am a wife
3. Camera ~ i am a keen amateur photographer, maybe not very good, but my camera goes most places with me
4. MP3 player ~ i love music and listen to it every day
5. Wooden spoon ~ i love scrapping but i have always enjoyed cooking - from a very young age and i can't imagine me ever not cooking
So there you have it - the essence of me! Finally!!


Paula said...

It looks a tricky subject. Scrapdolly & Just Jake have both thought of theirs & they are all thinking on similar lines. I'm not involved with UKScrappers yet but do look at it regularly. All your cakes are reminding me its almost teatime & ready for work again tomorrow, oh joy!

Lynsey said...

never thought of birth certificates - that's a good one

Nicki said...

Love that you took your time over this one Kate. I just charged head on in and sure forgot something
Cupcakes look delish