Monday, August 28, 2006

Cupcakes, Pancakes and Goodbyes

Well its been a l-o-n-g long weekend and its not over yet!
We are going away for a week next weekend and there is an awful lot of stuff to get ready when you have 2 little ones tagging along!
Haven't been able to get much scrapping done this week, but i did make some yummy cupcakes! Decided i was a bit fed up with chocolate frosting so went in search of something new! Came across a recipe for milk frosting so i decided to make some milk and cookie cupcakes - they were delish, the frosting tasted pretty similar to dream topping.

On Sunday we had a gathering to wave off Davids Mum who is moving to Wales next week, bit manic getting everyone up there but we got there in the end - even the ever elusive Paddy turned up!

Pancake Sunday had to be put off to Monday due to going out yesterday, but i decided to experiment a bit and made some American style cinnamon ones - Ewwy loved them and gobbled up 6!! Anyway, here is a pic to tempt you with!

Still deciding what to put in my chest for the 'essence of me' prompt - probably a camera and kids id bracelets from the hospital but still working on the other 3!

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TopCat76 said...

OOOh - you NEED to give me that cupcake recipe sis... we had blueberry american pancakes this weekend.. Colin made a batch all by himself today, he was so proud, would be cute if he were 5 instead of nearly 30!!!