Saturday, August 19, 2006

Top 5

Just discovered a new challenge on Paula's blog about Top 5's - this weeks is songs - i'm finding it hard to narrow down to just 5 though! May have to rifle through my cd collection and update later!

Ok, i have thought long and hard ~ i'm sure it shouldn't be this difficult!!! But here goes:

1. David Devant (of course!!) although my favourite song changes daily at the moment its 'This is for Real'
2. The Divine Comedy (this man's voice is gorgeous!) 'National Express'
3.The Black Crowes 'Remedy'
4.Mott the Hoople 'All the Young Dudes'
5.Erm... can see this turning into a top 20 list..... probably Queen 'Melancholy Blues'

1 comment:

Jackie Hunter said...

Hi Katie, I had a tough time choosing too!! So I sat Scraplifting Paula's Top 5 LO listening to my MP3 player & chose my top 5 off there at the moment, till I change the tunes on it again!! LOL!!
Looking forward to seeing the layout you do :o)
Jackie x