Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When i grow up.....

The blog prompt from UKS today was;
When you were a child, what did you want to be/do when you 'grew up'? Why? Did it happen? If not, why not? Is it too late? Were there other unfulfilled goals?

I don't remember being particularly ambitious as a kid, i toyed with the idea of teaching, i did my work experience at a school, i even got as far as starting uni but as David was still doing his nurse training funds were too tight for us both to be students so i had to stop. I have recently been looking at an Early Years Education Degree at the local Uni so i may still get round to it yet!


Nicki said...

Go for it Kate so you will have no regrets in 20 years time.

Heather said...

Follow your dreams, they are what make us human :D

Jennie said...

I say go for it too.

Jackie Hunter said...

Go For it Katie!!!

Jackie x

scrappyfairy said...

You'd make a fabbo teacher!!

Ps: 2peas rule! (scrapping doodles) * the little scroll in our titles came from a freebie download i found on 2peas*