Thursday, August 24, 2006


The prompt today on UKS was;

What were some traditions from your childhood? What traditions do you hold fast to now (new or old)? Are there any traditions you would like to maintain but don’t? If you have children or plan to have children, are there traditions you would like to pass on to them?

I've been thinking about this all morning and i'm struggling to recall any from my childhood, except for Christmas and the goodnight rhyme my dad would say every night to us ~ i have carried this on with Ewan and even did a lo of it;

Ewan likes to try and string this routine out for as long as possible; after i say 'i love' he says the same, then we carry on saying 1 line at a time. When we get to the end, if he is trying to get out of going to sleep he'll keep asking 'what else do we say?' so we keep going round in circles!

Our newest family tradition is pancake Sunday - every Sunday we have a treat of pancakes for breakfast, smothered in maple syrup ~ although Ewan likes his plain, as always! Sometimes Ewan helps to cook but mostly he just likes to watch me toss the pancakes as high as possible!
No picture of pancakes i'm afraid, but i will leave you with a picture of the yummy apple cake i baked today. Maybe that'll be another family tradition - home baked cakes every week!


Suzie said...

Home baked cakes sounds like a good tradition to me! Love that little bedtime rhyme.

Paula said...

I myself struggle to remember my childhood. My mum died just two weeks before my 7th birthday & all the things I remember are from before that.It has really set me thinking & I feel a LO coming on!!

scrapdolly said...

WOW I LOVE the tradition of pancakes every Sunday
Love the page too.

Jenga said...

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Lynsey said...

Gorgeous LO!

Cath said...

Now that cake looks scrummy!!