Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Normal

Ewan is starting a new nursery tomorrow, so things should start getting back to normal! And with perfect timing SJ sent me the new ScrappyFairy DT kit - so i should have plenty of time to play! - lots of lovely little bits in there and i seem to have rediscovered my mojo so hopefully i'll create a few bits she likes - thats if photobox *ever* let me upload my holiday pics - i have been trying for literally days and i've still only managed 1/4 of them. At this rate i'll be better off putting them on disc and going into town to get them printed!

Anyway, if Blogger will allow me, i'll upload another pic from the holiday so you can see how gorgeous Cornwall can be - as opposed to the dreary grey place we drove to 10 days ago!

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