Saturday, September 16, 2006

Diets... :(

Somehow, over the last few weeks, i have managed to put 1/2 stone back on - of course it could be something to do with all the Cornish cream teas and clotted cream ice cream.....
Anyway - on Monday i will start in my quest to get back to 10 stone - until then i will be eating these as a goodbye to chocolate ~

I fancied a change from the full on chocolate cupcakes i have baked recently so these are mochaccino cupcakes. I added cocoa powder and some instant coffee to a basic cupcake recipe and topped it with some yummy milk frosting - it tastes just like Dream Topping - Yummy!!! Finally finished it off with some grated chocolate.
Anyway, wish me luck with the diet - i shall post my progress on here to (hopefully) keep me on track!!


Paula said...

Good luck, I found cutting out bread & tucking into ryvita instead really works for me.That along with no crisps, no chocolate & no pastries...However one look at those fab cakes & I yearn for some cappucino muffins!!!!

TopCat76 said...

kate - do you not think that it could also have something to do with all the cupcakes?!?!?! Good Luck sis!