Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Sunday Bloggers prompt on uks today is;


if you had to list the top 5 pet hates.. the things that physically make you go "UGH"
what would they be? what peeves you? What can make you leave a room!? Have a think and show us all your top five!

5. Minced beef cooking - i am vegetarian but i will cook meat for David, i'll even chop raw chicken but something about the smell of minced beef makes me want to puke.

4. Spitting in the street - it is disgusting, there is no need to do it and it makes me feel ill - so STOP!

3. Being called 'a nag' - It is not nagging if i am simply asking you to do something again..and again..and AGAIN because you failed to do it at the 1st time of asking!!! - If you want me to stop David - DO IT 1ST TIME!

2. Flying insects - even butterflies - i do not like anything flying at/near me, especially unpredictable little things, come to think of it - i don't like birds either - they are all fine from a distance but once they get near me they make my skin crawl.

1. My worst thing is perhaps a bit sad and yes perhaps i should just let it go, i am sure there are far worse things going on daily but for me it is confirmation that the society we live in is very selfish and the majority of people are out for themselves....
Anyway.. it's people who use Parent and child parking when they have no need. I didnt think about it until i had occassion to use them myself - and with small children they are very useful - wide bays so you can open the door fully and get them in and out easily and usually near a path so you dont have to walk along a busy carpark. Unfortunately, i rarely find an empty space - the worst offenders seem to be middle aged people and i have even come across people who get a child seat out of the boot and put it in the car so they dont get told off! Really for all that hassle just park in another bay!!! These people seem to have some morals as they rarely take disabled spaces, so apparently depriving children of a space that is also much needed is a far less offence - makes you wonder about people doesnt it.....
Sorry rant over!

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Paula said...

Well I don't have kids and I don't drive but I can't stand watching perfectly able-bodied people using the parent & kid & disabled slots!!!!!!