Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is 1 of the pics i took in Old Leigh yesterday - and what a difference a day makes! Today is grey, windy and WET!
Nevermind, it gives me an excuse to stay in and cook with Ewwy + Evie. I have decided cookies are the new cupcakes! Cupcakes are nice and everything but a bit more labour intensive to cook and given that Ewwy has often got bored by the time i have to sift flour in and all Evie wants to do is lick the spoon, cookies are more cooking with children friendly.
We have always loved the huge chewy cookies with sweets in that you get in supermarkets, but looking at the ingredients on the back is a bit worrying! Plus the results can be a bit hit and miss depending on who is in the bakery i guess, sometimes they are hard and crunchy and sometimes they taste too eggy. So i'm going to cook my own. I have also discovered a blog dedicated to all things cookie - its in the links on the left somewhere if you want to take a peek --->


Jane said...

I love that photo! It's just stunning and crying for a super layout.... JaneH

KimmyS said...

How amazing is that picture??? Love it

domestic goddess said...

thanks katie for the great link we will have to compare recipes
anna xx