Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tonight i had a parents evening at Ewan's Nursery {can you believe he is only 3 1/2 and already i get to go to parents evening for him!!!!} His teacher confirmed what we already knew - he is very bright but very quiet - she said she has never heard him talk above a whisper! Now i know he is more than capable of voicing his opinions, especially when Evie is annoying him!! but i am a little worried he will turn in to the quiet kid at school who gets overlooked for everything ~ time to work on some toughening up strategies i think! Maybe i'll sign him up for rugby lessons ~ yes this school even has after school classes for the 3 year olds! I remember when i was at playschool we just got chucked in an old church hall with loads of toys and were left to get on with it!

Had a nice trip to Old Leigh today, testing out the capabilities of mum's new Fuji s9600 ~ will upload some of the piccies i took with my old s5600 when i can be bothered to upload them from the other computer!

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