Sunday, January 07, 2007


New Years came and went - i stayed up just long enough to let all the chavs let off their fireworks and then had to settle the kids back to sleep then went to bed myself - i never even had a drink!!

Last year, i rediscovered sewing - and found many gorgeous blogs dedicated to sewing, after looking at this one, i started looking for vintage patterns after falling for her little dolly Ruby. After spending far too much on ebay (oops!) i got some wonderful vintage patterns from America - and this is the result:

Obviously, she is still a Work in Progress, but i'm sooooo pleased with her - and she was surprisingly easy to make. Evie already loves her, and i think Ewwy is a little jealous so i may be doing a lot more sewing this year!

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Amelie said...

oooh i love her!! i made a doll a while back.. real baby size to try all my baby clothes onto.. she looked so adorable without a face or hair that i didn't want to ruin her doing it... so she is a faceless baby! lol :D