Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 in review

Well 2007 is nearly here, i haven't thought up any New Year resolutions - i never keep to them anyway!!! I'm spending a rather boring evening in front of the tv/internet, i've got a stinking cold, as has Evie, so no chance of a drink either, just lots of crisps and choccy and rubbish telly.
As for 2006, it was a bit of a boring year for me, no earth shattering happenings in the Young household - Evie turned 1, Ewan turned 3, i got another year older!! I did attempt to return to work, but decided that working more or less full time and still trying to devote time to my family just wasnt happening so i spent a grand total of 3 weeks at work!!!
Anyway - heres to a great 2007!!


KimmyS said...

Sounds like 2007 couldn't come quick enough. Sucks having a cold on the last boozy day of the year...LOL

Here's to a fab new year!

TopCat76 said...

Happy New Year Sis! Hope that wasn't my cold you've got, sorry if it is. xx