Friday, August 25, 2006

Essence of me??

Apart from sounding like a dodgy perfume, essence of me is also the basis for -
The UKS blog prompt;

Treasure chest: you have a small chest and you’re going to place things in it that symbolise who you are, important milestones, etc. so that someone years after you’re gone will look at it and see the essence of you. For example, you might place a stethoscope if you’re a doctor or medical student, a Bible if your faith is important to you, etc. Which five items would you choose and why? No photographs (though you could use a camera if you're a photographer)...just symbolic items.

This one is going to take some thinking!! Will have to update later i think....

Paula has set a new Friday challenge for 5 things that make me laugh - i really like the idea of these simple lists, i've already done my list of 5 favourite music tracks - still to do the layout though!! Hopefully they'll give me a headstart with my BOM and make it insightful without getting too deep (i don't really do that + the idea of a WHOLE book dedicated to me scares me a bit!!!) I'll hopefully get some layouts done this weekend and upload them later.

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