Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Blogger!!

I have been trying for several days to leave a post but it won't let me! So, so i can catch up - here is my past week in a nutshell
1. Lost 1lb - woohoo!
2. Dyed my hair - still waiting for it to tone down a bit before i'm brave enough to take a piccy for here though!!
3. Visited a local rare breeds farm - Ewwy liked it so much we went twice in a week! (only £2.50 entry for the whole family so bargain!!) - pics will follow if blogger allows
4. Rediscovered my mojo - pics will also follow if blogger lets me!
5. And.. my little baby boy has just started writing - he decided one day to write his name all by himself - obviously gets his brains from me!

ETA *Damn blogger will not let me do photos!! - check my slide bar down the side if you want to see any of my new piccies!!

1 comment:

TopCat76 said...

nice to know it's not just me - blogger is very bad this week... I upload my pics to then blog from there!!