Monday, November 27, 2006

Working and a work in progress

I've been roped in to cover for holiday at my old work place, i was dreading it to be honest but thought what the heck, it'll give us a bit of cash for christmas.... It wasn't too bad today, but i'd much rather be at home, i decided to start a few sewing projects for chrissie presents and its only just dawned on me that i only have 4 weeks to get everything done!!
This is my latest WIP - a felt monkey, i saw a pic of a similar one on Flickr and decided to make my own. He was surprisingly easy to make, now i just have to give him a face!


TopCat76 said...

love this monkey sis, if I hint enough will I be getting a felt toy for Christmas? ;0)

scrapdolly said...

I LOVE that monkey - he is gorgeous