Thursday, December 07, 2006

In the Christmas mood

I've got my christmas shopping well and truly started now and have finished decorating the tree, even the weather is decidedly more wintery.
I got these fantastic pjs for Ewwy for his Christmas Eve present (new pjs for the xmas morning pics!) from Primark believe it or not - and only £3! (Excuse the bad scan, i was trying to do it covertly)

Now, inspired by the likes of Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls, i'm going to atempt to make a matching robot cuddly for him - if i dont run out of time....

Of course, what he would really like, it seems, is a dog.....

...hmmm, not sure if i want a real one, the house is too small for starters, perhaps i'll get him a cuddly nintendogs one.

1 comment:

scrappyfairy said...

Oh my lord.. Ben just came in and got me out the bath to see those robo pjs... he loves them... any chance they do them in adult size lol!!
Your blog is his fav by the way!!

hope you are ok my hunnibea.