Friday, December 22, 2006

Long time no blog!

I have been so busy making various bits and pieces that i have not had time to blog! I may come back later and post pics of the proof but hubby is laying on the bed with 'man flu' and i can't photograph down here as the kids will see. All i have to do now is wrap - and there is A LOT of it to do!! I'll probably get it done just in time for it to be ripped off again!

I've also had a bit of good news recently - i *FINALLY* got published in a scrap mag - i've never tried too hard, i think i emailed about 4 layouts ever, but the 1st time i tried Creative Scrapbooking folded so my layout never got published. I was due to be part of the take 5 challenge in Feb issue but that won't happen now either. At least my layout made the readers gallery in January issue. Here it is for anyone who is interested/doesnt want to buy the mag:

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